I am fascinated by people, language and landscapes. What motivates us to travel to remote places on foot, by ski or in a canoe? What is the meaning of the journey and how does the act of writing change the experience? And what does it mean to be a guide or teacher of others in these places? These are the questions that have motivated my work as an educator, writer and academic for the last thirty years. This website attempts to make that work accessible and to provide a platform for new projects that keep seeking answers to these questions.

The themes of my work have most often been about landscapes, outdoor places, travel and stories. Stories, I believe, have the power to heal and teach. There are original and reworked papers and articles here as well as links to my books like Pedagogy of Place and Song of the Wounded River. I’ve long used photography to observe landscapes and some of those images appear here with accompanying short, behind the scenes, stories. And I have some new, unfolding projects which I want to update regularly on this site. I hope you may find something here that will provide fresh insights into your own time in the outdoors.